What is CPR?

For a long time, we have been hearing these tree acronyms without really knowing what it means and its applications and still there are some doubts about it.

On 01/07/2017 a new standard was introduced, named CPR (Construction Products Regulation) that affected the electric industry.

CPR standard defines as a construction product of all the supplies that will become a permanent part of the finished project. CPR is a harmonized standard mandatory in all the countries in UE.It is applied in all the products for construction, including cables. These cables can be separated into four categories which are energy cables, telecommunications, data, and control.

Before this law was released, as it obliges the European Union, the ministry of economics, industry, and competitivity of Spain modified existent standards (electrotechnical regulations for low voltage (REBT) and safety regulations to prevent fire hazard in industrial sites) to adapt them to the requirements of CPR in related issues with the cables.

New CPR standard classifies different kinds of cables in what are called euroclasses. Euroclasses have the same criteria in every country and they aim to improve the security in the buildings against fire hazards. Nowadays CPR is widely spread in all the new constructions and all the different sectors in the industry.

After a few years of the implementation of CPR, we are proud to announce that Técnicas del Cable has been able to adapt to this new standard while offering a wide range of products to our clients ensuring maximum quality and satisfying the actual needs.

Should I fulfill CPR?

If you are a manufacturer, supplier, installation technician, or engineer the answer is yes. Also is needed to consider each country own normative.

Both manufacturers and suppliers must fabricate and distribute products according to CRP standards. Furthermore, manufacturers must describe the construction product’s characteristics issuing a Declaration of Performance (DoP) and validate that the product fulfils the requirements for its euroclass. Products must be recognizable through labels and must show the classification.

Installation technicians, engineers, and final users are responsible for acquiring the right products according to the national requirements.

  • The engineering department of Técnicas del cable offers technical support and guides our clients to choose the optimal solution for them while accomplishing the current normative

What does CPR regulate?

CPR regulates the properties the construction material must have against the fire. It is measured the fire resistance, emission and amount of hazardous substances, and the shedding of incandescent particles.

It is important to have in mind that CPR only defines properties against fire, so the rest of the technical characteristics must be maintained and are regulated by the usual standards.

The European Union has created unified criteria applicable in all Europe (as a common language) to define the performance against the fire of the cables. To do it a classification from A to F was created depending on how the material reacts depending on emissions of heat in presence of fire.

¿Euroclases? ¿What are them?

Very simple, they are categories depending on different properties previously mentioned.
There are four classifications:

  •  1: Euroclass: according to their flame spread and heat release. From Aca (best performance) to Eca (basic performance) and Fca (flammable).
  •  2: Amount of smoke produced.
  • s1 Low smoke production and slow smoke propagation.
    • s1a Transmittance >80%.
    • s1b Transmittance >60% y <80%.
  • s2 Medium smoke production and smoke propagation.
  • s3 None of the above.
  •  3: The flaming droplets released by the cable during combustion.
  • d1 No droplets and no flammable particles.
  • d2 No droplets and no flammable particles that last more than 10 seconds.
  • d3 None of the above.
  •  4: The acidity of the smoke:
  • a1 Conductivity 4,3.
  • a2 Conductivity 4,3.
  • a3 None of the above.

The additional classifications are only applied to cables ranging from B1ca to Dca.
For instance, if we have a cable labeled as Cca-s1b-d1-a1.

To sum up, we have different classes in which A provides the best performance and F the worst.

Declaration of performance - técnicas del cable


Dop means Declaration of performance and it is the document in which the manufacturer claims that the product has certain specifications and that the products meet these specifications.

In this document, Técnicas del Cable identifies the product, its planned usage and shows the performance of the cable concerning its main characteristics, fire resistance, and emission of hazardous substances previously mentioned.

  • Técnicas del Cable indicates that he takes responsibility for the conformity of the product Cca-s1b-d1-a1 in this case.
    If further information is needed, do not hesitate to contact us.